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About Us & About the Context
      אודותינו ואודות ההקשר

About the Context:

In the early morning hours of October 7, 2023, Hamas - the Palestinian terror organization - launched a massive rocket barrage on civilian areas in southern and central Israel. Simultaneously, Hamas militants crossed from Gaza into Israeli territory and attacked numerous Israeli towns and other communities situated in the vicinity of the Gaza Strip. In the course of this attack they have conducted gross crimes against humanity, war crimes, and other inhumane actions, including brutally murdering and injuring hundreds of people in their own homes, among them infants and older people.

The number of confirmed deaths of Israeli victims of this attack has exceeded 1,300. Over 3,300 others have been wounded. Many others are still missing and it is unknown whether they have been killed or taken hostage by Hamas. More than 240 - children, women, persons with disabilities, older persons, and other innocent citizens - have been taken as hostages and are being held by Hamas in Gaza.

About Us:

Old Lives Matter was initiated by the Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences, CRSA - Center for Research & Study of Aging, MCIA - Minerva Center on Intersectionality and Aging,  at the University of Haifa as a response to the October 7th 2023 terror attack by the Palestinian terror organization Hamas.

Within the crimes again humanity and war crimes conducted by Hamas - older persons were victims of horrific acts, including murder and abduction.

The aim of this project is to collect information and data regarding these atrocities, advance the release of those still held in captivity, document these actions memorize the victims, and serve as a platform to bring their life stories as well as to advance the research and knowledge regarding the human rights of older persons in times of war and terror.

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